Support SJAC! #GivingTuesday

Thanks to broad support from our community, the Social Justice Action Center is here to stay! We’ve saved the building. Thank you!

Now, help us launch programs to make the best use of it we can, in support of grassroots organizing especially among marginalized communities. These include:

  • regular movement-building trainings and political education series facilitated by organizations and groups that use the space,
  • open mic fundraisers to showcase local music and spoken word, and
  • a mural design project to represent the visions of core communities.

Your donation today helps us focus on this work!  Please donate online or by check — make a onetime gift, or mobilize your pocketbook even further and make a recurring contribution!

There’s another way to help! If we can refinance our mortgage in the next short while, we can lock in historically low interest rates — which have started rising. This can save us potentially hundreds of dollars every month — and our community can make that happen by helping us find a total of $70k in mortgage-backed personal loans to unlock the bank loan.

So, please help us find people who are able to loan us $5,000 or more for five years, at an interest rate between 0% and 4%. If someone inherits some money, or has a nest egg for retirement, or the like, this can be a phenomenal alternative to the risky, amoral stock market or the low returns on a bank account.  Email with any leads.

the SJAC coordinating committee

SJAC is here for you

dumptrump-cropIn a moment of danger and need, a moment that calls for connection and organizing, solidarity and creativity, SJAC is here for you.

If you need a centrally located, accessible location to gather in these days of defiance, despair, and determination: check the calendar for open times and contact us. We’ll expedite your requests and try to make it as easy as possible, with money not an object.

Example gatherings:sjac-gather

  1. Circles to share feelings of fear, rage, numbness, hope, shame, depression, faith, and whatever else is alive.
  2. Organizing direct action for resistance and mutual aid during ICE raids
  3. Cultural events before and/or after marches
  4. Delegates from various organizations hammering out tactical agreements for collective and autonomous action
  5. Providing a base for physical/emotional medics during ongoing street actions
  6. Childcare co-op for parents who don’t want to take their kids to a meeting/march/uprising
  7. A dry place for prayers and ceremonies of courage and dedication
  8. An open house for newcomers to movement to hear about all the different kinds of ways they can get involved
  9. All the brilliant other ideas you may have…

En la lucha,
SJAC coordinating committee