Ana Oian Amets, Lakota Solidarity Project

The Lakota Solidarity Project of the Independent Lakota Nation along with Awakening the Horse People offers our gratitude to the Social Justice Action Center for hosting our event and making sure we were comfortable in the space. It’s clear that SJAC can be a strong hub of organizing and education, and we encourage Portland community support to make this happen. In particular, we support SJAC’s commitment to leadership by Native, POC, and marginalized communities understanding that authentic social justice will originate in leadership by these communities. We believe strongly this is something the greater Portland community should get behind.

Ana Oian Amets
Lakota Solidarity Project
Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation
Awakening the Horse People blog
Return: A Reparative Justice Project of Land Return & Remembrance

Daniel Hong, Strike Debt!

To me, SJAC means exactly what the name says: it’s a centrally-located, easily-accessible space that my community group can use to host meetings, parties, concerts, anything! SJAC means that there are people who affirm in what my group does and who want to offer spaces to meet when truly public space is becoming rarer in the city. SJAC means that people can find where we are easily and can come to one of our meetings with no hassle. SJAC means that you can meet with other people and have good community discussion without having to check the weather or buy coffee. You can simply connect with other people while enjoying a cozy space hosted by people who truly care.

Monica Beemer, KBOO, ex-Sisters of the Road

When KBOO needed a space at the last minute for a staff and volunteer disability justice training, SJAC was readily available and supportive. The kitchen was great for snacks and the room worked well. The folks who founded SJAC have a vision for a space to be used for events and  important community-based, movement work.  Having this type of support and space where we can come together in the various neighborhoods to ensure that we are working together and learning from each other could not be more important in this moment of time we live in. Thank you for considering your key support for the SJAC.

Monica Beemer, former Executive Director of  Sisters Of The Road, KBOO Station Manager, National Steering Committee of the Social Welfare Action Alliance, Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) Regional Board Member

Nili Yosha, Outside the Frame

Outside the Frame changes how homeless youth see and are seen through film. We host film workshops for homeless youth at social service organizations. The Social Justice Action Center is a perfect place to continue weekly meetings where the young people commune and continue to hone their craft. The SJAC overflows with the positive energy and potential of all the do-gooders that use it.

Below is a photo featuring Talilo Marfil, our board member and program alum, and a group of Journalism students from the University of Oregon who were doing a piece about Talilo and Outside the Frame. sjac.otf2

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