Victory! #SaveSJAC next steps

YES! Together, we did it — we gathered enough caring, committed people to pitch in and #SaveSJAC! This morning, we passed the $20,000 minimum goal we needed to avert foreclosure and lay the foundation for financing the purchase of the building.¬† In the last few hours, your work sharing the news and the need madeContinue reading “Victory! #SaveSJAC next steps”

Holding Ground was an amazing success!!

More to come, but what an incredible event tonight, everyone! Thanks!¬†Awesome young artists telling it like it is, a wide variety of groups sharing about their work “holding ground” in Portland, and how important SJAC is — great conversations among participants, and a good leg up for SJAC fundraising. We’re close, but still need aContinue reading “Holding Ground was an amazing success!!”