Victory! #SaveSJAC next steps


Together, we did it — we gathered enough caring, committed people to pitch in and #SaveSJAC!

This morning, we passed the $20,000 minimum goal we needed to avert foreclosure and lay the foundation for financing the purchase of the building.  In the last few hours, your work sharing the news and the need made all the difference, as dozens of people discovered the project and made the choice to invest in our movements’ future — in the heart of Portland.

Take a moment to breathe and let that sink in. YES!

Now, of course, there’s more to be done:

  • We’re planning on hosting a community effort for beautiful murals on the walls, and facelifting the space, improving the windows and insulation;
  • We’re fundraising for a community organizer who can link with grassroots movements and communities, learn about what they need, and make SJAC a place in which collective mutual aid becomes standard practice; and
  • We’re continuing to build our capacity to subsidize marginalized groups that need the space, but don’t have enough cash to pay the amount we’d otherwise need to operate.

This is the ongoing support that community-building takes.

And in this moment of success, in which the incredible power of the people is so visible, our community donor has offered to match up to $5000 more of sustaining Friend of SJAC subscriptions, over the upcoming week.

Let’s make the most of this moment. If you’ve given a one-time gift, consider whether you can double your investment with an easy $5 or $10 or $25 a month — and have a full year matched by our generous donor!

Just think:

  • $10/month for a year pays for materials for a whole mural!
  • $25/month can subsidize the meetings of Casa Wovoka (Native narcotics anonymous), or IWOC (Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee), or Strike Debt!, or any of the other amazing groups that meet here!
  • And if 300 people sign up at just $5/mo, that completely pays for our part-time community organizer!

Finally, if you’re in a position to offer a highly secure loan to SJAC, secured by the mortgage, at a low rate (0%-4%), that’s an incredibly valuable way to save us significant money every month on interest charges.  One of these has been pledged already, and a handful more will make all the difference.  Contact us for details!

Let’s spread the word, and tell our friends and companerxs: the people, united, have saved SJAC — and let’s build on that victory by becoming ongoing Friends of SJAC, right now.

¡Si, se puede!

Holding Ground was an amazing success!!


More to come, but what an incredible event tonight, everyone! Thanks! Awesome young artists telling it like it is, a wide variety of groups sharing about their work “holding ground” in Portland, and how important SJAC is — great conversations among participants, and a good leg up for SJAC fundraising. We’re close, but still need a bit more! We’ll be tallying the totals overnight and updating early tomorrow, but keep the social media flowing.

Remember: pledge just $10/mo for a year right now, and SJAC gets a total of $240 with the match! Spread the word!