Community Kitchen

SJAC makes its beautiful, historic former restaurant kitchen available to local groups and individuals that are growing culture through food. We especially encourage those rooted in and/or serving frontline, grassroots communities to join the small family of chefs and organizers that use the kitchen regularly.

Our kitchen includes multiple sinks, 2 fridges, a six-burner range/oven and space for storage in the kitchen and in the basement. (It does not currently include a Type I hood, so no frying or sauteeing is allowed) and currently no freezer.

Pricing ranges from $15-50 per hour depending on various factors including time commitment, mission fit, and ability to pay.

There are two ways you can use the kitchen:

  • We encourage projects that fit our mission and need a centrally-located kitchen to apply for a contract with regular, ongoing hours of exclusive use. We are currently seeking one or two more projects needing the space for at least 30 hours a month. Negotiated contracts include coordination with other users around storage, equipment, etc.
  • Groups using the event space can request use of the kitchen as well, especially for one-off special events. These will be scheduled around the ongoing regular hours of our primary users.

Email us to find out more:

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