SJAC is looking for volunteers!  

Our Coordinating Committee consists of five different sub-committees that include:  1) publicity  2) maintenance 3) fundraising 4) ambassadors 5) events

Publicity — Develop a newsletter and/or blog to update community members about actions, trainings, thoughts; connect with users of the space to learn about upcoming events that could use promotion; enhance connections with local media and listing services; manage/promote on facebook and other social media sites

Maintenance — Respond to repair requests, such as leaky faucets, lightbulbs, gutters, broken windows, sidewalk cleanup, etc; bigger picture maintenance/building care; research and coordinate with professionals in getting quotes, etc.

Fundraising — Plan and coordinate fundraising events; research and start grassroots fundraising campaigns; develop fundraising materials (photos, brochures, compelling stories, etc.)

Ambassadors — Attend a training in the goals and function of SJAC and then take that information to other groups and communities; coordinate with outside groups to make a presentation at a meeting and answer question about how that group might make use of and support SJAC

Events — Develop a 2x/month event series (hopefully beginning in January!); The first meeting of the month would be general organizing education/indirect training, usually inviting a group to come in and share about their work. The second meeting would be a specific skill share/direct training (know your rights, facilitation training, etc); team will be coordinating all aspects of event programming, including scheduling events, organizing event details, and marketing events.

If you are interested in getting involved with SJAC, send an email to socialjusticeactioncenter@gmail.com OR complete the form below.

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