Community organizing in the heart of Portland

sjac-new-croppedWorking class people and grassroots organizations are getting pushed out of central Portland by skyrocketing rents. There are fewer and fewer spaces to do the essential work of organizing our communities and building culture and solidarity.

SJAC bucks that trend. See some perspectives on why SJAC is so important, right here, right now. We’re here to stay, and with your help we’re not getting pushed out.

Hold your EventWe encourage you to consider this highly accessible location for meetings, events, shows, and other gatherings. We have space for up to 50 people to sit down, and can offer one-off kitchen use as well. Market-rate cost for those that can afford it allows us to offer the space on a “pay as you can” basis to mission-aligned groups.

Organize CommunitySJAC helps grassroots groups learn from each other and build relationships by hosting educational events designed to grow skills and connections. If your group is interested in participating in these events, or you’d like to help recruit, design, or coordinate them, please let us know!

Spread the Word: In addition to the above, we also provide a nonprofit community kitchen and low-income housing. Spread the word to people in your organizations and communities that SJAC is here for them!

Volunteer: We depend on donated labor to maintain the building, schedule events, share information, and fundraise. Please let us know if you have time to share, and what kinds of work you have skill and/or interest in!

Contribute: With broad community support, we concluded a crucial capital campaign to buy the building and refinance it, in 2016-2017. Now that the building is secure, we can make the space available to mission-aligned groups, regardless of means — but only with your ongoing support. Your donations amplify the work of many organizations!

For background on the leadership and core volunteers of SJAC, our history, and how we operate, see “About SJAC“. Or contact us with feedback, suggestions, and comments!

In solidarity and thanks.sjac.logo