#GivingTuesday for grassroots space!


Donate Now!

All around us, community institutions are under threat.

But because of you and the thousands of others who believe in a long-term place for movement-building in Portland, SJAC remains. A go-to resource for people organizing — from immediate street demonstrations and community check-ins, to the long haul.

We’ll be here for the next upswell, the next creative crisis. And we’ll be here for the many long moons in between, the regular work of learning, growing, and crafting grassroots cultures.


By combining forces. Our volunteer-run nonprofit activities provide the bulk of our moderate financial needs: we provide low-income housing upstairs, a community kitchen and an event space downstairs, and weave it together with committed volunteer coordination and maintenance.

But to keep it going, and to keep it available to those of limited means, we need your help. Whether as regular donors contributing monthly, or by giving when you can, we can keep going!

Thanks to you. Continue reading