Buy “Handwarmer Blend” coffee; support Hygiene Station!

This fair-trade, locally roasted whole bean coffee in an eco-friendly corn-based bag is a great way to subsidize Hygiene Project’s support for our unhoused neighbors. A 12oz bag is just $18! (Of that, $11 goes directly to support our programs.) Thanks so much! Please email us about shipping to

Handwarmer Blend

12oz bag of whole-bean coffee (Free front door delivery for all orders in the Portland metro area.


Free front door delivery for orders in the Portland metro area:

Handwarmer BlendWhen our unhoused neighbors stop by the Hygiene Station at the Social Justice Action Center, they’re offered a cup of coffee to help them warm up. The cup isn’t just a hand warmer, it’s an offering of hospitality, a humble symbol of community care, an invitation into a relationship. 
Proceeds from this heavenly blend will benefit the Hygiene Station, providing critical hygiene resources and stipends for our unhoused and formerly-unhoused station hosts. So pour yourself a cup of our Handwarmer Blend, weaving together Peruvian and Colombian coffees grown and roasted by all-women coffee collaboratives, combined to bring you floral aromas of almond, cashew, a dark chocolate note, with flavors of bright citrus and maple syrup. We hope it warms your hands, fuels your heart and makes you feel like a part of our neighborhood.

Learn more about our Hygiene Station Project here!

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