Spring Gathering and Open House!

The Social Justice Action Center – SJAC – invites you to a Spring Gathering and Open House

SJAC is a new initiative that secures a “Community Space” owned and used by our grassroots organizations that represent low-income communities, communities of color, immigrants, refugees, GLBTQ, youth, and other marginalized groups.

SJAC offers space for 10-40 people to gather, organize, build relationships with each other, and gain experience working across differences towards mutual understanding and solidarity.

Special appearance: SJAC advisory council member Mic Crenshaw
(http://miccrenshaw.com/) will update us on December’s Afrikan Hiphop
Caravan and drop some revolutionary rhymes.

When: Saturday, March 12, 3-7 pm (stay the whole time, or drop in!) Programming starts at 4 pm.

Where: SJAC, 400 SE 12th (corner of Oak St, one block north of Stark)

Please join us to:

– find out how your group can participate and help energize SJAC.

– join a conversation about ways SJAC can help with movement building.

– get informed about how to reserve SJAC for your group’s meetings and events, workshops, art exhibits, celebrations, etc.

– enjoy tasty snacks, drinks, and music. Bring something to share, if you like.

– touch base with your friends and comrades, meet new people ‘en la lucha’

– learn how you can support SJAC financially.

For more information, write to sjac@riseup.net


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