Low-income housing

SJAC is a low-income housing provider, as one of the services it provides the community. This housing is located in the top floor of the building we use for our other programs, and comprises six bedrooms with shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Rents are currently between $320 and $400/mo, plus utilities.

NOTE: We have upcoming vacancy. Please email us a filled application per the instructions below by Tuesday, October 29, 2019, to be considered for a room. 

We maintain a waiting list of people interested in applying for a vacancy when it opens up. To join the waiting list, please email us at sjac@riseup.net with “Housing Waiting List” in the subject. When vacancies open, we will contact you to let you know, and ask you to fill out an application (see bottom of page). Approved qualifying applicants will be forwarded to the tenants for a final decision. Please do note that applicants need to meet at least the 80% of local median income limit, see HUD’s website for an example. Details will depend on the current income status of the existing residents.

According to law and to SJAC’s solidarity with oppressed communities, we do not discriminate against applicants based on race or color; religion; national origin; familial status or age—includes families with children under the age of 18 and pregnant women; disability or handicap, or sex. Any new Tenant must fill out an application provided by SJAC to ensure compliance with low-income housing guidelines, and must be approved by both SJAC and a Residential Delegate on behalf of the Tenants.

Low-income housing application.

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