Using SJAC’s Event/Meeting Space

SJAC’s meeting and event space is about 500 square feet and comes with tables and chairs that can be set up cafe-style or workshop/lecture style. A medium-large flatscreen and DVD player can be used for videos/presentations, and we also have a large screen for projection. (Users will need to provide their own computer, if necessary.) Groups that use the space must agree to abide by the following rules and principles:

  • Groups must familiarize themselves and the people attending their events with safer space policies.  SJAC vigorously supports the aims of safer space policies.
  • Please leave the building in the same or better condition than you found it.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the building. Please avoid wearing perfumes.
  • Candles allowed in drip-catching containers only.
  • Furniture and other items that are moved must be returned to their original places
  • Restroom: Please leave the restroom as clean as you found it.
  • Music: No amplified or loud music after 10 p.m.
  • Hours: please vacate by 11 p.m.
  • Closing the building: Front and back doors and ALL windows should be closed/locked. Lights and heat should be OFF (note that there are switches to the left of the door to kitchen, as well as near the front door, that all must be off). Turn off all fan, vent and sound system switches.
  • Please fill out our space use request form, following these guidelines.

If use of the kitchen is approved: Renters must provide their own consumables: coffee, sugar, tea, etc. Cleaning supplies are provided. TRASH: Remove all trash from the kitchen receptacles to the green garbage bins outside the back door; place new plastic liners in the kitchen trash cans. There are containers for food waste in the kitchen, which are then emptied into the compost bin outside the back door. Please dispose of coffee filters with the food trash. RECYCLE: Please place clean paper/cardboard, glass jars and bottles, plastic bottles and tubs, and metal cans in the recycling bins in the kitchen. Kitchen Appliances: Please double-check that the oven and all burners are turned OFF, and that the coffee pots and electric kettle are unplugged.

One thought on “Using SJAC’s Event/Meeting Space

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a kitchen space to teach plant based cooking classes for low income people, starting with a ten class series. I’d also like to know about using the kitchen as a fundraiser space for a more elaborate dinner. Can you tell me if the kitchen is currently certified by the health dept and if there is still an olcc permit? I would like to come to a meeting if I can to talk about the space. Thank you.


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